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Why working with a UK based development team beats offshore resource

Some businesses decide to invest in specialist digital agency support and then find that they are lured into using offshore agencies and freelancers because of the incredibly low prices they are prepared to work for… often with negative consequences.

Working with a UK digital agency will give you access to the expertise, strategic direction, skilled resource and insight that you need to build an effective future-ready set of digital assets. By investing in this relationship, you can ensure that your digital projects deliver on both conversion targets and ROI.

We take a look at some of the strongest reasons to work with a UK based agency, rather than using offshore workers.

Availability when you need it

Whether you are progressing a web application development project, a new website or a specialist digital bespoke development, you need to know that you can access your agency team when you need to. With a UK agency, you will have an account manager who organises the team of developers, coders, designers, copywriters and other specialists at the agency end. Crucially, this means that you have access to the team when required and they are available when you are – during UK working hours, and sometimes even beyond. This is a huge advantage over overseas teams, who may be very difficult to get hold of when you need them most.

Business People Meeting Conference Discussion Corporate Concept

UK based project teams allows productive face to face meetings

Better communication

During a digital development project you will find that regular and effective communication is key, especially when working in sprints. With a UK team you don’t have to worry about the subtleties of language and jargon. This is particularly important when you have business people without digital knowledge working with developers to create a new project. When using skilled agency staff with native language skills, there is less risk of requests, feedback and queries getting lost in translation!

Quality outputs

Simply put, you get what you pay for. From simple template campaign sites through to complex bespoke CMS builds, your UK team can be assessed for quality before commissioning the project. You can meet the agency team, carry out a formal tender, look for reviews, speak to colleagues for recommendations and so forth. With a cheap overseas team, you have no real idea about who you are working with, you will be very unlikely to meet them face to face, and – frankly – there is very little genuine guarantee of a quality output that will truly meet your needs.

Compatible systems

UK agencies work with coding systems and software that make sense with local payment systems and other UK based platforms. This is not guaranteed with overseas agencies, who may also lack insight into UK business processes, systems and regulations.

Customer insight

A UK agency will have valuable experience in local markets that overseas workers simply won’t have, whether that relates to customer insight or local business trends and practices. This is essential to access as part of the expert strategic direction that you’ll receive during project scoping.

Best practices

Equally, a good UK agency will work to recognised quality systems and processes for both project management and delivery and the way that they operate their business as a whole. Business customers may recognise accreditations such as IIP and ISO accreditations, which gives them peace of mind and flags up a quality business. This may well be absent with an overseas agency, where you really can’t see what you’re getting or have peace of mind about what you will be buying.

Supporting British business

When you use a ‘home’ agency, you will also be supporting British business, and this is something that is very important to a lot of business people. By working with a UK agency, you keep investment in the British economy and help to support homegrown talent – further boosting British business for the longer term. This is an easy decision when it comes to the digital industry as Britain has powerful capabilities in the field, with extremely experienced and skilled staff available – many of whom are sought by overseas clients themselves, even with the price premium in place!

So whatever your digital project and overall drivers, it will invariably be better to use a UK agency that you can tender for using established processes, meet face to face with, have confidence in a quality output delivery and be able to work with effectively on UK time! Here’s to supporting Britain’s superb excellent digital industry!

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