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How to improve your e-commerce site’s product description pages

Throughout 2015 the e-commerce industry has been booming and this trend looks set to continue into 2016. As matters stand, the UK is the third largest e-commerce market in the world, with online sales accounting for 30% of the economy!

Whether you operate a start-up e-commerce company or a large multinational organisation, it is important that you adopt some targeted digital marketing practices in order to successfully boost your profit margins throughout 2016.

Now is the time to move forward full steam with your E-commerce strategy

Now is the time to move forward full steam with your E-commerce strategy

Of all the effective digital marketing trends of 2015, content marketing is one of the most successful. After all, if you can incorporate detailed content within your e-commerce site’s web design, then you can consolidate your brand identity and credibility among prospective consumers and encourage them to purchase from your site.

This is where we can help. Listed below are the three main components of a successful product description page. By incorporating this type of high quality content across your website, you can dramatically increase the likelihood of consumers purchasing from your site in the future:

1. Use bullet points to outline key product facts

Use succinct bullet points at the forefront of your product description pages to list the key facts and specifications associated with your products, so customers can quickly and easily access information relevant to them. This process will establish consumer trust with your brand and increase your chances of securing a sale.

2. Inform consumers about the benefits of using your site

With so many more retailers operating within the e-commerce market, consumers have a wider range of choice when it comes to purchasing items online. As such, your site’s content needs to showcase the benefits of using your company, compared to your industry rivals. From rapid delivery options to a flexible returns policy, by including content within your product description pages which highlights these benefits, you can encourage consumers to purchase from your company, as opposed to your e-commerce competitors.

3. Provide evidence of exceptional customer service

One of the best ways to earn the loyalty of new and existing users is to provide an exceptional level of customer service. Fortunately, there are several simple, yet highly effective, ways of doing so through your web design. For instance, why not include links on your product pages to similar items which may interest consumers? Or why not provide links to testimonials from satisfied consumers who have previously purchased from your site? Ultimately, by supplementing your web design with relevant and insightful content, you can earn the loyalty of existing and prospective consumers, which will in turn boost your profit margins throughout 2016 and beyond!

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