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Three tips to make your e-commerce business stand out online

Looking to improve the performance of your e-commerce website?  Give your company the digital presence it deserves by following these three simple tips to enhance your brand identity online, make sure you stand out from the crowd and help you retain your customers through increased loyalty.

What is it that makes you different?

There are way too many e-commerce businesses that pop up overnight and disappear again just as quickly. Make it clear to your customers that you’re a quality business and the products that you sell are quality, too.

Every brand has something that make them unique. What’s your USP? Does your company have an interesting back story? The wine company Concha Y Toro has built a very successful brand around the legend of the Devil’s Cellar, Casillero del Diablo – now the company’s top selling label. The story goes that, tormented by thieves, the company’s founder Don Melchor, spread the rumour that the cellar was haunted by a devil…

Personalise your packages

There really is no feeling as good as being given an unexpected gift! Look at your packaging and see how you can make it feel like you’re giving your customers a present. From gift wrapping their items to enclosing a little something extra as a surprise – sweet treats or something new from your range – add the personal touch and make your customers feel special. Customers are much more likely to stay with you if they feel a personal connection, a handwritten note or compliment slip takes a matter of seconds to write but will stay in your customers’ minds for much longer.

Say thank you

The importance of customer loyalty cannot be overstated, but research shows that it is falling off year on year. Think about establishing a loyalty scheme, or regular special offers that your customer base will know about. Tie this in with your social media and it looks like a reward for loyalty, rather than a discount code that just anyone can get (although the beauty is that with an online search obviously anyone can use it and thereby increase your customer base!). If there’s a charity that is particularly close to your heart or the business of your company then you may wish to include a donation option at the checkout, or donate a percentage of sales on specific items.

Simply let your customers know they are dealing with real people, not a faceless online entity.

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