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Showcasing your products for effective online sales

As an online retailer, your products should be your business’s finest ambassador – so far, so obvious. However, the products aren’t going to sell themselves; there’s no point in doing the e-commerce equivalent of throwing everything on a dusty shelf and expecting your customers to find just what they’re looking for.

So what should you do to make sure your best assets are showcased to their best advantage? Here’s a couple of suggestions to start you off in the right direction towards digital commerce success…

Fabulous descriptions

A product description is something of a misnomer really, or is at least only part of the story.

The job of the description is to sell, as well as being SEO friendly to drive search traffic to you. Now, you need to start with the basics – if a customer is looking for a mixer tap, for example, they need to know that is what they have found rather than a single cold tap, otherwise you could end up spending a lot of time on refunds and exchanges. Similarly, you need to make sure any specifications are clearly laid out. But while doing that, you can make your description sing.

Innocent Drinks have a quirky way of describing their products while making it clear what they are – after all, juice is rarely exciting: “No peel, no bits, just the smoothest and tastiest juice we’ve ever made. We hope it brightens up your breakfast.” Aspirational, but gentle – it’s not going to change your life, just give your day a good start.

Keep your descriptions in keeping with your brand identity and personality – are you formal, friendly, or slightly off the wall?

Well chosen images

Once you have set the tone for your product descriptions, you need to pair them with the best images you can. Again, consider your brand identity; do you want images shot through a cool grey filter, on a white background, or on a chintz tablecloth with a vintage teacup next to them?

Make sure the product is clear and showcases any features that you want to stand out. As well as images to accompany your e-commerce listings, a brochure site may be well worth considering as a way for customers to look through your product ranges and see them as lifestyle collections rather than segmented individual items.

The next steps

Speak to our team about giving your ecommerce store the once over and discover how to unlock the power of effective product descriptions and imagery.  Call 01227 490220 or email

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