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Is cheap web site hosting worth the cost?

It’s obvious that small businesses and large corporations need a website, but no one told you where to get one or how much to spend. That’s where the lucrative thought of cheap web hosting comes in. Cheap web site hosting is like having the best of both worlds: a financial saver and a quality looking website. On the other hand cheap websites have the stigma of being low quality and poor customer service. The question you have to ask yourself is “Is cheap web hosting websites worth it?”

Is cheap web hosting worth it?

Is cheap web hosting worth it?


  • The price is the main draw. It’s amazing how so many hosting sites offer quality features such as unlimited bandwidth, storage and even free web design for as low as £1.99 monthly.
  • Lots of competition. A lot of web hosting sites are popping up (some are shutting down) and competing for your web business. Businesses have to fight to stay afloat by offering the lowest price for many features.
  • Quality features. Features that usually cost extra money to obtain are included in a price bundle on web hosting sites. Examples of these features are Microsoft SQL, and ASP Net 2.0.


  • The rumour of having poor customer service is true. Some hosting sites (not all of them) cut costs by over stretching resources. Technical support staff aren’t experienced enough to give proper advice and just recite from crib sheets. It will also take longer to fix site issues because there aren’t enough skilled people to fix it.
  • Cheap web hosting sites are located on servers hosting too many other websites. It’s too expensive to have each website stored in a different location while keeping the same price. Having it all on one server saves the company money. However, when bandwidth is shared between websites on the same server it hurts the consumer. Some websites use more bandwidth than others leading to performance issues.

The solution is to research web hosting sites before making a final decision.

  • Look at the web host’s available packages and aim to get exactly what you need for your money.  Unlimited bandwidth and disk space are great but do you really need them? Most business websites are no more than 25MB in size.
  • Compare prices based on what they offer and how long they offer it. Some perks are guaranteed for a limited time or they offer free features if you sign up now.
  • Read online reviews through review sites and social media.
  • See how long they operated. Companies that have been around for a long time are more stable than companies that just started.

Contact us for more information. We can assist in making the right web hosting decision for your company needs add provide a range of hosting services tailored to suit the needs of most businesses. If they don’t fit, we can build custom packages to accommodate even the most demanding of sites.

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