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What is a digital agency really?

Buzzwords abound in today’s business environment. Actually, they’ve really “abounded” in pretty much any day’s business environment. The actual words themselves just change from time to time. Digital agency is a buzzword that is thrown around today and sometimes gets a definition that maybe isn’t so accurate.


A truly great digital agency will do more than just basic web design

A digital agency, also referred to as a “new media agency”, is more than just a web designer. It’s also more than just an online advertising agency. A digital agency really uses new media to reach potential customers through the use of things like social media, search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, and yes; web design. Actually, it is a company that uses every creative form of new media at its disposal to help your business reach new customers.

Creativity is the backbone of a digital agency. This is what strikes the key difference from an advertising agency, which uses traditional methods like advertisements to reach customers. Digital agencies profit through the very creative services they are hired to create. Digital agencies thrive in cyberspace and utilize every creative new method available to them to help their clients reach their customers in new and exciting ways.

Web design is great, but a truly great digital agency will do more than just basic web design. Again, focusing on creativity is the key here. The difference between basic web design and a digital agency is that the digital agency will have the creative expertise to enact a multifunctional approach to your business’ needs. Not only, will all avenues of new media be effectively utilized, but the right digital agency will take the time to effectively communicate these services with you and walk you through every step.

Interactive Red” is a digital agency that takes great pride in taking things a step further by creating digital solutions that engage your customers and help build your business. Whether it’s a website, Facebook or iPhone app, or a branding exercise, we work closely with our clients and approach each task with the same enthusiasm and care. Contact us today!

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