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The necessary combination of SEO and a creative website design

With the steady growth of online marketing, over the past few years firms have had to educate themselves about the two most important aspects of their web page: search engine optimization and website design. In addition to their implementation, experts debated which aspect is more important; while proponents of SEO argue that its use drives more traffic to a company’s website, web designers claim that an inventive website design is more important because it has the ability to create a lasting impact on customers. Despite the ongoing argument, professional web designers understand that both SEO and design are important when creating a website; it doesn’t matter which is more important, but rather that both are taken into consideration in order to have a creative, inventive website that is frequently visited.


Both SEO and design are important when creating a website

A recent Search Engine Journal article titled “Web Design vs. SEO: It Doesn’t Make Much Sense” discusses both the arguments surrounding the website debate and why it’s ultimately pointless. The article notes that while some people will always consider one aspect of web design to be more important, everyone should agree that they are both necessary:

“SEOs and Web designers have a responsibility too. Whether you’re a designer or an SEO, you first need to accept and then try to make your clients understand that neither SEO nor Web design is a panacea in itself – both are paramount and must go hand in hand.”

Rather than a universal agreement that SEO and web design are both necessary for a website to be successful, people fruitlessly argue which is more important. Despite the debate, the two are not competitors, but rather compliments; without the other, either SEO or creative web design would not be enough to make a website successful. Just as it would be insufficient to draw attention to an unappealing website, a website with a creative and interactive design would be lacking if it did not generate high traffic. When both SEO and web design are taken into consideration, however, the end result is a creative website that is visited often, and ultimately a satisfied business.

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