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UK leads the world in ecommerce as entrepreneurs flock to the British Isles to start digital retail businesses

It may surprise you, but according to an article written by Hannah Kucher in the Financial Times, Inc in March of 2012, the UK ‘leads the world’ in e-commerce. When you have a market as active as this, your online presence better consist of a responsive web design created by Web Developers who know how to work magic with their design. With this active an audience, you want a site that not only invites them in, but also excites their appetite.

Small and medium-sized enterprises in the UK who made use of the internet for marketing, sales and contact with customers and suppliers, grew at a rate of 12 per cent, faster than those who barely used the internet, at only 4 per cent.

UK Ecommerce

The UK ‘leads the world’ in e-commerce.

The UK is becoming known as a global tech hub that is attracting entrepreneurs from around the world. In her article Start-up entrepreneurs flock to UK, (2/25/2013) Lucy Warnick-Ching states that many are seeking an ‘entrepreneur visa’ that follows strict guidelines, as these individual seek success in the UK. She quotes Mr. Horsfield of the Pinsent Masons, an international law firm, as saying.

“To satisfy the visa criteria, applicants have to create jobs and prove that they will make a long-term contribution to the UK economy,” he said. “These entrepreneurs can be hugely beneficial to the UK economy. They’ll bring fresh ideas, create new jobs, and provide a boost just when the economy needs it.”

If this is the setting and you are one of the many coming to the UK to try your ideas, then it makes sense to come to a web designing firm that can bring your ideas to life. Your web design needs to be one that entices, interacts and invites the customers in. No longer will a few fancy graphics fit the bill. These shoppers want action and that is what they will get with a web design from Interactive Red. What you want is a ‘digital experience,’ not just a website. Contact us, show us your ideas and what you are aiming for. We will bring them to life.

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