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A successful ecommerce business depends on good analytics and customer incentives.

As an eCommerce business owner, you’re always looking for good advice on how to grow your business, even if the suggestions are from a venture capitalist’s point-of-view.


Technology makes running an eCommerce more efficient

How to build a Great E-Commerce Company,” on the Inc website is a perspective offered by Rudina Seseri, a principal in  Fairhaven Capital, a venture capital firm; and while she points to the brick-and-mortar successes of Best Buy and Ann Taylor, she zeroes in on the mega online-stars like Amazon and Orbitz:

“…they have developed extremely efficient operations, powerful analytics engines and incentive-based programs to drive customer purchases.”

A summary of her advice includes these considerations:

1. E-commerce in the traditional sense. Technology makes running an eCommerce more efficient, from sourcing products to the managing of inventory and customer service issues. A better way to handle the workload is to pool together functions like storage, networking and software programs at the server level—virtualization.

2. Content: Think ‘original’ reviews, and content that really engages your customer to help him decide what to purchase on your site; furthermore, develop content that positions you as an ‘advisor’ that can offer ways your customer decide when and how to shop.

3. Community:  It’s all about the power of many, those customers who will promote your brand through the maze of social media channels; set up your promotions with leveraging that “customer and fan base” in mind.

4. Personalization:  Keep it relevant for your customer by using data about his likes; follow up with all requests he might have, knowing the more you engage the customer, the more likely he will keep coming back…and bring his friends.

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